Sunday, 20 May 2012

Scotch Hall Violins!!!

The students of the Music Dept caught the citizens of Drogheda unawares the ordinary townspeople were going about their business in Scotch Hall an unexpected treat awaited them in the form of a 'flashmob' of Greenhills Music Students.....

.."Music just was lovely to listen to ... and then was gone again in no time....'twas great!" 
Was how one bemused shopkeeper reacted.

THE CULPRITS......Butter wouldn't melt etc....

Keep up the great work!!!!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Another colourful, exciting and fun Intercultural Day in School!!!
Thanks to all the girls who brought adventure, food, music, laughter and excitement...not to mention beauty and grace!!

Monday, 14 May 2012

More photos from Musathon 2012!!

Got some great shots thanks to Evelina... captures the decisive moment, don't you think?

Respect Katie!!

The next few photos are priceless!!
 Niamh Sharkey is torn between two lovers!!

What a great performance from Niamh.....
not to mention the two romantic leads Duncan Walker and LO'L.. Liam O'Lionsaigh!!

Next up is the Geisha 'Girls'.
Another great scene!!

Alex and brrave, so strrong...fair play to you!!

Science will never be the same!!

Another great performance from 'Teachers Aloud'!!!

Well done to all!!!!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sci-Fest Victory!!!

Aisling Molloy proved top of the science-heads in Belfast when she won Best Project at the prestigious national Intel Sci-Fest...         Well done Aisling!!!

She was followed closely by two future winners in the shape of two second years dealing with 'The Geometry of Sport'...great stuff

Some of the science nerds who attended the Competition!!!!!

Congrats to all science teachers, especially the hard-working Miss Conroy who made sure the project was perfect!  Also to Miss Conway and Mrs Brennan

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

CSPE Fund-raising- 2nd Year.

Mrs Ryan & Mr. O'Connell's  CSPE classes had the great pleasure of presenting a cheque for e1,135 to the Jack & Jill Foundation as part of their action projects.

We spoke about the great success of our Jeans & Jersey day and who knows, maybe it could be an annual event!!!

Susan Norris from J&J accepted the cheque and thanked the girls for all their hard work and effort.
Thanks to Miss Tighe for the photos!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

 Eimear McMahon, 1st year Rang Therese,  displayed her very considerable artistic talents when she won 1st Prize in Category C (12-13) in the 58th annual Texaco Children's Art Competition.

Congratulations to Eimear on such a great achievement... even more so when you think of the many students nationwide who entered!

Eimear's entry was entitled "My Best Friend" and was a portrait of her friend Aisling Kane.....the portrait was made out of  wallpaper!

Eimear's teacher, Ms. McConnon supplied the wallpaper!!! well as the support and the encouragement!!!!

Aisling Kane...the new Mona Lisa!


Great work by the Art Dept!!!