Thursday, 13 December 2012

Winter Wonderland!!

Once again Miss E O'Sullivan had the great idea of helping the less well-off this Christmas by organising her second 'Winter Wonderland'.

Just like a Christmas Market from the heart of Europe!! 

Show me the Money!!

Spare a few coppers for the poor.......

The Gym was alive with different stalls selling cakes, buns, flowers, Hot Chocolate and Christmas Logs! 

Jedward was all the rage at the hot chocolate stall!!

We had plenty of Music and song.......

 Everyone got involved and helped to raise much needed funds for worthy causes. 

Mr Hill getting ready for action!!

 An Oscar winning performance!!

The Bond Girls!!

The name's Hill .....   Benny Hill !!

Ach...wee Loughlin!

As usual Hannah was pure magic!

Well Done to all for making a fool of yourselves for charity!!

Friday, 7 December 2012

More photos from Iceland !!

 The group....

Miss that a hot bottle you're holding?

Setting is absolutely amazing!

Jumping for joy in Iceland??

Icelandic Adventure!!!

Senior students got a great educational treat recently when they were brought on an exotic Geography Trip to Iceland, no less!!!

Miss Ni Donabhain, Mr Jim Walsh, Miss Tynan and Mr Fennelly braved the cold and the elements to show the students some of the world's most amazing natural features.

By the look of it they all had a great time...

Mr Fennelly said he thought he knew what cold was until he stepped outside in Iceland!!
Mr Walsh is at home in these surroundings!

It certainly was an unforgettable experience for all involved!! 

Well Done to all!