Friday, 2 December 2011

more good news...this time from the Greenhills choir!!!!!

e pluribus unum!! 

Many of our students sang with one beautiful voice the other night at the TLT in Drogheda......
they did brilliantly and made us all proud!!! Way to go girls!!! and you too Mr O'Reilly!!                    


Aoife Barry from TY captured the magic of it all!!!

Greenhills Choir 2nd Place in School Stars Final 

After all our very hard work and effort, Greenhills Choir are more than delighted to say that we came joint second in the Coca Cola School Stars 2011! 
After weeks of preparation we sang our hearts out on the night putting on what we hoped would be an incredible performance! Singing ‘Africa’ by Toto with our own band and sound effects, endless lunch time practices certainly did pay off when none other than Louis Walsh told us that ‘The other choirs of the night were good, but Greenhills were great!’ and complimented us on our harmonies, sound effects and general performance. ‘Greenhills you never let yourselves down!’ was another one of the comments we received on the night.
However, none of this could have been possible without the help of the best music teachers there are – Ms. Diskin, Mr. Reilly and Ms. Treadwell who worked so hard and gave up all of their lunchtimes to make this song the best it could possibly be! Their imagination and enthusiasm towards the choir and the song showed and we owe them a huge Thank You. Thank you to everyone who has helped the choir in preparation over the past few weeks and all those who have come out to support us – we couldn’t have done it without you!


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